I love making homes and businesses look new again. I love saving homeowners thousands in preventative maintenance while adding thousands of dollars worth of curb appeal at the exact same time.

I would love to do the same for you.

Hi! I’m Dustin but my friends call me Doc.

Yes, I am the Wash Doctor but more importantly I am a father, husband, friend and neighbor. My family and I are newer residents of Washington County and we love it here. Wash Doctor, LLC is a family owned and operated small business dedicated to serving our customers throughout Western PA, Eastern, OH and Northern, WV. I spent my teens as a mechanic and the early part of my adult life as a small business owner, D&J Contracting, I was a general contractor and a very busy “Punch List Guy” for multiple PA home builders. When the housing market crashed in 2007, I changed careers and started working for a consulting firm where I traveled the country working with private industry, academia, and government in the field of radioactive material compliance, maintenance and remediation. This eventually led me into the world of corporate compliance, safety and training management. Good Living? Yes, Good Benefits? Yes, but I yearned to work for myself again. I decided to pick 1 trade where I could work for myself again and build a part time business. I bought a pressure washer and since them my passion, skillset, equipment and knowledge has evolved. Today I operate a full service pressure and soft washing company with the capability to safely clean any exterior residential or commercial surface.

I love being the Wash Doctor, I love making homes and businesses look new again, I love saving homeowners thousands of dollars in preventative maintenance while adding thousands of dollars of curb appeal at the exact same time and I would love to do the same for you.

The Rig

It Started With A Truck and Trailer, But I Always Wanted A Flatbed Rig

I’m a car guy, always have been, always will be. In 2020 I was in the process of looking for a new truck for the business and I came across an ad for a 1969 Ford F350, stake body, dually. It was located in the South Side, where the current owner lived after being purchased from the first owner who was from Kittanning, PA. I went to look at it late one night after work and 2 days later in was in my driveway getting ready for the next part of it’s life.

The majority of the truck is original, including the 360FE and 4 speed manual, no power steering and manual drum brakes. Some ignition, lighting and interior creature comfort items have been upgraded or added to make it a workable daily driver. Its a head turner, great marketing tool and well known in the area and I love it. No matter where I am, housing plan, residential neighborhood or the gas station, people are always stopping to talk to me about the truck.

The truck was designed and equipped to be a compact, no frills, hard working residential / commercial pressure and soft washing rig with top of the line equipment.

You will notice all over my business pages that I have photos of my wife Sarah. She is the drive, the backbone and the support that has helped push me through life.